OG Story


Original Grinders is a brand defined by individuals cut from the same cloth. Sharing a bond of Blood, Sweat and Tears that is fueled by family, passion and sacrifice. Our clothing showcases those values with personal inspirations from family, heritage and the tattoo culture. We pride ourselves on always providing a quality product, to help ensure that we only work with top-notch vendors. Our Blood, Sweat and Tears are dedicated to this brand and it will show through the products we introduce!!!

The OG Boxer Briefs core purpose is to offer both comfort and support. The body of the underwear are constructed with a strong breathable material and detailed stitching. The waistband is made to be tough and durable while remaining form fitting. Additional features include printed inside tag, extended length and a multi layer crotch section for the highest level of support.

Strategically Designed for the Grind!